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Dansworth C1500 (Type-C) Front Engine Bus 8.2

Schoolbus based on the T-75 frame

  1. TheExpensiveEmerald
    Version: 2.1
    I sat in side and I could only survived in that seat going Dow leap of death very realistic
  2. ZacharyL 2
    ZacharyL 2
    Version: 2.1
    Love it a few things break like the crossing guard other then that i love it!
  3. Bolbi for prez 2k15
    Bolbi for prez 2k15
    Version: 2.1
    gr8 m8
  4. MultiGamerClub
    Version: 2.1
    1. It doesnt have a steering wheel.
    2. It goes more to left or right several times.
    3. Ther steering mechanism breaks too easely.
    4. Some models on it breaks just by starting to drive.
    5. Breaks too easely or when driving anywhere.
    (Them breaking sounds is way too often.)
    6. Its fragile.. Like.. Both front wheels pop-off with a HUGE glitch going after one of the tires anyway.

    1. Its stronger than T75 normal version.
    2. Its a BUS, THE FIRST BUS.
    3. It looks good.
    4. Killing this thing is hard, it might be fragile, but dropping it from 1 KM of height and the enginge still runs compared to other cars, SO REALISTIC!
    5. The stop sign, the yellow line at front keeps bumping up and down like crazy, the fun never "ends".

    Conclusion: 7/10 - Why: Above - Also: This thing is somehow indistructible at many ways which you will find out by downloading.
  5. bananasplit_00
    Version: 2.1
    look crazy in a dictionary and this will show up holly shit is it a blast to drive, it feels fast even tho it really isnt and the only thing that could improve it is an interior and some ragdolls of children in the seats XD its insainly fun to go rallying with and the frame really isnt solid, witch makes it even more crazy and fun. way to long and over powered for a school bus but i really dont want that to change because its just way to fun as it is right now :D great mod
  6. TheStatPow
    Version: 2.1
    Really nice, but the bus is way too long imo.
  7. Floppydopda
    Version: 2.1
    Very good mod, but still some small glitches like the suspension suddenly collapsing on a flat road.
  8. Noah Nation
    Noah Nation
    Version: 2.1
    Very high quality mod, love the custom engine sound! A steering wheel and pedals would be nice though.... Overall great! Love the working doors and stop sign!
  9. Acrain7
    Version: 2.1
    This mod is of amazing quality, and the first of its kind, this mod is AWESOME
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