Dansworth C1500 (Type-C) Front Engine Bus 9.2

Schoolbus based on the T-75 frame

  1. Massive Update

    Version 9.2

    • Added power steering​
    • Smoother flying​
    • Optimized body UV maps and textures​
    • Fixed brakes too strong​
    • Moved camera position​
    • Fixed transmission mount issue​
    • Redesigned transmission jbeam structure​
    • Made regular bus wheels larger​
    • Better description in parts selector​
    • Added 6x6 drive-train​
    • Added new vehicles / Dozer schoolbus 6x6​
    • Turn radius tightened​
    • Steering updated​
    • Fixed orbit camera position​
    • New meshes/textures (driveshaft / frame / undercarrige)​
    • New hood design​
    • Updated Body UV map​
    • Fixed windows break too easy​
    • Fixed wheels and hubs radius wrong sizes​
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