Dansworth C1500 (Type-C) Front Engine Bus 7

Schoolbus based on the T-75 frame

  1. Comprehensive Update

    Version 7
    • Updated rear dual wheels
    • Updated Passenger system
    • Fixed all brakes and brake thermals
    • Fixed dummy's floating heads
    • Added seat-belts and no seat-belts to passengers
    • Added Driver and Passengers configurations to off-road and tuned bus.
  2. Added Jato Rockets

    Version 6.5
    • Added Jato Rockets
    • Fixed bus weight too heavy (25,000 lbs from 29,000 lbs)
    • Center of Gravity adjusted to be more realistic
  3. Minor Updates, Brakes, Drivability, New Skin

    Version 6.4
    • FFB steering fixed (Steering updated with Power Steering)
    • Brakes Fixed
    • Dozer Skin for Dozer Bus
    • Center of Gravity Fixed for Off-road Bus (Too Easy to Roll)
  4. (Hot Fix) Drag Race added and various fixes (Re-Upload)

    Hotfix for 6.2 (Version 6.3)

    • Textures Missing bug fixed
  5. Drag Race added and various fixes

    Version 6.2

    • Added Drag Race Bus!
    • Fixed parking brakes not working
    • Fixed dummy no texture (rename texture) (WIP)
    • Fixed too much springiness in Body (stronger)
    • Fixed Dashboard springiness
    • Fixed turn signal not working right
    • Lowered force feedback values (WIP)
    • Fixed glass break too easy
  6. Major update for the front engine Schoolbus!

    Version 6

    • Updated all jbeam files
    • Added front differentials
    • Added adjustable parts
    • Added hatch vent, walk gaurd, stopsign
    • Added AWD
    • Added drift bus
    • Added off-road bus version
    • Added 2 new engine types
    • Added 24 passengers
    • Updated body jbeam...
  7. Brand name change, fixes, updates and additions

    Version 5.1
    • Reduced body vibrations
    • Fixed front steering leaning to the left
    • Fixed rear axle vibration when accelerating
    • Fixed glitch in front steering system

    • Updated suspension jbeam to new standard
    • Updated frame jbeam
    • Updated body jbeam (mush more realistic physics, much more stable)...
  8. Added Bus Driver, Various bugs and fixes

    Version 4.4
    • Added Bus Driver (Author: B25Mitch)
    • updated profile pictures (By Djplopper)
    • Added full range of cameras back
    • Fixed spelling errors
    • Separated thermal properties into proper jbeam sections
  9. Host of bug fixes and updates

    Version 4.3
    • Fixed overheating issue and added more Thermal properties
    • Reduced Driver FOV
    • Updated Hood Jbeam code
    • Removed kids stuff from Prison Bus
    • Removed stop sign from Prison Bus
    • Fixed issue with engine jbeam sticking though hood and firewall
    • Fixed roundness of cowl
    • Police Ram Guard stronger, can ram a midsized car up to 60mph with minor damage
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  10. Fixed mesh issue

    Version 4.2
    • Fixed Air filter sticking through hood
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