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Dansworth D2500 (Type-D) Rear Engine Bus 7

Type-D version of the school bus with flat nose and rear engine based heavily on the t-series semi

  1. The "Near Perfect" Update

    Version 6.1


    • Updated Engine sounds
    • Updated Body Jbeam (vastly improved)
    • Updated Turbo sounds
    • Updated Turbo Chargers
    • Updated and Improved Textures
    • Added Tech Demo Bus
    • Added INDESTRUCTIBLE Bus (Invincible)...
    • Added Mod Slot

    • "F" key now opens Doors/WalkGaurd/Stopsign
    • Front lights order changed
    • Fixed Driver Camera Placement
    • Fixed Configurations more realistic
    • Fixed Body wobble
    • Fixed Problem with camera and dummy Conflict
    • Added descriptions
    • Added Mod Slot for Additional Modification
    • Fixed 460 hp engine overheats
    • Fixed Brakes
    • Fixed Rear Axle Drivetrain
    • Fixed mud flaps facing wrong way
    • Fixed rear engine door opens when driving
    • Fixed axle shaft node wrong position
    • Fixed Problem with mudflaps collision
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