Beta Dasija Duters Police 2019

Dacia Duster 2019 police!

  1. Martin.S
    Hi! This is my new car- Dacia Duster 2019!
    Engine: 1.8 TSI, 6 gears, manual gearbox
    Drivetrain: FWD
    License Plate: (Poland, Wielkopolska) HPU 9J550
    Wheels: Alluminium 17'
    My planned next car is Audi 4000cs and Audi Coupe 1990 :)


    1. screenshot_2019-12-04_20-56-54.png
    2. screenshot_2019-12-04_20-57-01.png
    3. screenshot_2019-12-04_20-57-07.png
    4. screenshot_2019-12-04_20-57-14.png
    5. screenshot_2019-12-04_20-57-17.png
    6. screenshot_2019-12-04_20-57-21.png
    7. screenshot_2019-12-04_20-57-29.png
    8. screenshot_2019-12-04_20-57-32.png
    9. screenshot_2019-12-04_20-57-43.png
    10. screenshot_2019-12-04_20-57-51.png
    11. screenshot_2019-12-04_20-57-56.png
    12. screenshot_2019-12-04_20-58-09.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Coshei
    Version: 2019
    Better than Duster :P
    1. Martin.S
      Author's Response
      Thank you :D
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