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Datmoon 240X 1.0.5

A replica of a Datsun 240Z.

  1. ಌVเczเภợнಌ
    2393cc 83.0x73.7mm
    DCOE Twin-carbs, NA, 95 Octane
    9.0:1 Compression Ratio
    197 Nm@4.4k RPM & 151 HP@6.1k RPM

    Transmission and Drivetrain:
    5-Speed Manual
    Gear spacing is 68, top speed is 203 km/h
    Open Differential

    4-Piston 270mm Discs (F 61%) / 230mm Drums (R 39%)
    P175/70R14 Steel wheels

    MacPherson Struts (F) / Double Wishbone (R)
    Steel Panels
    Light AHS Steel Monoque chassis

    FAQ (Sort Of):
    Q: Why aren't the headlights covering up all the space?
    A: Because they would be glitchy and parts of the body would be invisible.

    Q: Im having graphical bugs with my tailights!
    A: It's normal, common with Automation mods.

    Q: The car handles badly/it's hard to turn with a wheel!
    A: It's normal, every Automation car has a broken FFB and handling.


    1. screenshot_00189.png
    2. screenshot_00190.png

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  1. Datmoon 240X

Recent Reviews

  1. fred5red51701
    Version: 1.0
    this looks really damn close, when beamNG and automation gets interiors and proper support for wheels with automation cars I'll definitely use this a lot :P
    1. ಌVเczเภợнಌ
      Author's Response
      Thanks! I really like how the characteristics of the car came out, and sure I wasnt expecting 5 and 4 star ratings!
  2. Flameboy1364
    Version: 1.0
    Oof. I used the Datmoon name for my replica as well xD
    Great minds think alike. Urs looks bettah tho, as Mine is meant to be a modded datsun.
    There are better taillight options for the datsun tho, then the ones you used. Plus a scoop on the hood would help.
    1. ಌVเczเภợнಌ
      Author's Response
      LOL! Honestly didn't expect someone would've downloaded my mod with a car that he named exactly like mine! I found those tailights as the best options, because they resembled the 240Z's ones pretty darn good. It's meant to be a stock 240z with a 5-Speed manual, and about the scoop I'll see what I can do to resemble the hood better. I will also make different versions of it, thanks btw! :D
  3. Dogsbody11
    Version: 1.0
    Its hard to turn the wheel!

    Good looking mod man. Good job on the replica man!
    1. ಌVเczเภợнಌ
      Author's Response
      As I said in my FAQ, every Automation car has a really hard FFB. I reccomend using a gamepad until it's fixed.
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