Unsupported Dawn of the Wreckoning - "Failrace's TestTrack" v2.0 R4+2

Major update to JonasTMT's original map - New look, roads, features and a challenging scenario!

  1. Release 4+1 - Very cold hotfix

    > Fixed broken lamp post textures
    (Would've been fixed much earlier if anyone had reported it)

    That's it. :|

    Despite the Wreckoning having ended, I'd still like to keep this map in working order and wouldn't mind improving it here and there, especially now that I have far more freedom, the Wreckoning not being a concern anymore.

    As long as SOMEONE'S playing it, I don't plan to fully abandon it any time soon, please post any ideas or found mapping errors in Discussion if you'd like to see the map improve :)
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