Unsupported Dawn of the Wreckoning - "Failrace's TestTrack" v2.0 R4+2

Major update to JonasTMT's original map - New look, roads, features and a challenging scenario!

  1. Release 4+2 - Mystery of the Missing Asphalt

    > Fixed a broken asphalt texture that mysteriously decided it has had enough of being a functional texture.
    Understandable! Even though nobody actually plays this map, (the chance of) being driven over by cars with metal bits scraping along your body can't be very fun.

    If you want more non-fix updates, please post suggestions in Discussion!
  2. Release 4+1 - Very cold hotfix

    > Fixed broken lamp post textures
    (Would've been fixed much earlier if anyone had reported it)

    That's it. :|

    Despite the Wreckoning having ended, I'd still like to keep this map in working order and wouldn't mind improving it here and there, especially now that I have far more freedom, the Wreckoning not being a concern anymore.

    As long as SOMEONE'S playing it, I don't plan to fully abandon it any time soon, please post any ideas or found mapping errors in Discussion if...
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  3. Release 4 - Quickplay, new paths and a fallen sign

    Biggest update yet!
    > Added 11 Quickplay routes, thanks to Stude for suggesting this feature!
    Post your best times in Discussion!
    > Added three.5 new alternate paths
    20170723141218_1.jpg 20170723141029_1.jpg 20170723154918_1.jpg 20170723155805_1.jpg
    > Increased the detail in ground materials
    > More mesh grass changes
    > Rebuilt the second jump...
  4. Release 3 - Less terrible water, more spooky house and +10% flares

    > Increased the reflection update rate of water
    > Some floating grass has been taken away for questioning

    >.5 other mesh grass fixes/changes
    > Further extinction of underwater grass
    > New spooky house
    (Spooky truck sold separately, also well done sheep, you forgot to turn on AA for the screenshot)
    > Most light flares have been made 10% bigger
    > One...
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  5. Release 2 - Minor polish and decreased levels of 'WHAT IS THIS?????'

    > Made the little bridge to the island with the rocks a little less rage-inducing
    > Changed the spawn point of the Bolide in Speedy Inspection to better sync with the player's driving - you should see it take the big jump as you go towards the bins (assuming you're not a snail and it didn't roll before getting there)
    > Fixed some floating trees
    > Small water fixes
    > The concrete barrier by Pothole Alley is a little less grabby now (it's still grabby)
    > A tree that was growing...
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