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Dawn of the Wreckoning - "Failrace's TestTrack" v2.0 R4

Major update to JonasTMT's original map - New look, roads, features and a challenging scenario!

  1. Release 4 - Quickplay, new paths and a fallen sign

    Biggest update yet!
    > Added 11 Quickplay routes, thanks to Stude for suggesting this feature!
    Post your best times in Discussion!
    > Added three.5 new alternate paths
    20170723141218_1.jpg 20170723141029_1.jpg 20170723154918_1.jpg 20170723155805_1.jpg
    > Increased the detail in ground materials
    > More mesh grass changes
    > Rebuilt the second jump...
  2. Release 3 - Less terrible water, more spooky house and +10% flares

    > Increased the reflection update rate of water
    > Some floating grass has been taken away for questioning

    >.5 other mesh grass fixes/changes
    > Further extinction of underwater grass
    > New spooky house
    (Spooky truck sold separately, also well done sheep, you forgot to turn on AA for the screenshot)
    > Most light flares have been made 10% bigger
    > One...
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  3. Release 2 - Minor polish and decreased levels of 'WHAT IS THIS?????'

    > Made the little bridge to the island with the rocks a little less rage-inducing
    > Changed the spawn point of the Bolide in Speedy Inspection to better sync with the player's driving - you should see it take the big jump as you go towards the bins (assuming you're not a snail and it didn't roll before getting there)
    > Fixed some floating trees
    > Small water fixes
    > The concrete barrier by Pothole Alley is a little less grabby now (it's still grabby)
    > A tree that was growing...
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