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dCi/BlueHDI 130 Turbocharger for the FCV 1.1

Adds a new 130HP turbo for the 1.5 diesel FCV engine !

  1. _Tanco
    I have been surprised that the devs didn't added a 130hp variant of their 1.5L diesel engine, as it's the most sold dCi and BlueHDI engine, so I decided to do it myself !

    Features :
    - 1 new turbocharger for the 1.5L diesel engine of the FCV platform producing 130HP and 302NM
    - 2 new configs (one for the Vivace and one for the Tograc with both a manual and DCT variant) using the new turbocharger that fills better the gap between the low end and high end versions of the FCV configs

    Torque Curve :

    Credits :

    - BeamNG : almost everything
    - me : adding the turbocharger (based on the 110 one) and the configs

    Have fun ! :D

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  1. Small fixes

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  1. jordaniwick
    Version: 1.0
    Nice and realistic peugeot engine!
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