1. Death_Game

    Version 1.3

    * Ai working
    * Work on wood for FPS
    * Add road sign (test)
    * Easier Jump
    Canon spot, jump, Off road start, and way of track on the jpg map


    1. aaa.jpg
  2. Death_Game

    *Correct bump on the road
    *clean the woods for FPS
    *add mud way
    *add detail
    *add secret autostoper
    *smooth some jump
    *add lake
    *correct canon spot for better aim
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  3. Death_Game 1.1

    Add road
    Add detail
    Change grey rock for collision

    Enjoy =)


    1. Death_Game_preview.jpg
    2. Death1.jpg
    3. Death2.jpg
    4. Death3.jpg
    5. Death4.jpg
    6. Death5.jpg
    7. Death6.jpg
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