1. Intel iGPU (6xx series) crashes
    Fixed drivers available!
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Alpha Deathtrap Hopper + high power goodies! 0.3

A nasty trackbeast Hopper + quality oriented Hopper engine mods

  1. Fixed the Missing Wheels

    This is an update that uses wheels tested to be compatible with the most recent factory build of Beam.NG.drive. The wheels are a little more grippy, and look nicer, too.
  2. Deathtrap Hopper + High Performance Hopper Parts + Hopper Sound Mod

    *** VERSION 0.2 ... FIXED VERSION***
    This is the same Deathtrap Hopper as before, but this time the equippable performance parts for both 2.5L I4 and 4.0L I6 motors have unique titles and there is no replacement of the factory BeamNG motors or parts.

    Please download this 0.2 version instead! It should not give you any compatibility issues.


    1. hopper.jpg
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