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Deep Earth - The Original Subterranean Map (FULL RELEASE V2) v2.2

An Expansive Cave System

  1. DEEP EARTH V2 - Full Release

    With this update, Deep Earth is now completely finished.
    or at least I think so :p

    Every nook and cranny has something unique to it, every area has something to do.
    This update includes:
    - 12 GTA-style Stunt Jumps to find
    - 23 "Scenic Overlooks" to find
    - Complete overhaul to the "Great Boulders" area
    - Tweaks to some decal textures
    - Added road signs
    - Some road smoothing
    - Fixed places where road pillars clipped through road
    - Changed some things around to make flying through the map with a plane possible
    - Other random fixes

    screenshot_00412.png screenshot_00413.png screenshot_00414.png screenshot_00415.png screenshot_00416.png
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