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Unsupported Demolition Derby & Banger Stuff mod pack 4.5

Crashing n' Crushing

  1. New skins! And more new stuff

    Peter Beamo
    if you think there are only new 3 skins. You are wrong

    Actually there are 30+ new skins! for GM ,Covet ,Pessima ,Barstow ,Moonhawk ,Pickup ,Burnside ,etc.

    Who made those skins?!? Not me.
    But they are from the real demo-derby driver ,@Zethsquatch
    He took about 2 or 3 days to make dem skins! Very impressive :)
    And @holographicmexican for 2 new pickup skins! Thanks a lot to them.

    What I need to tell u guys is there are still no config for all new skins. But will be added asap!

    And...................New derby tires! (pic soon)

    Let's take a look at other stuff!

    • I made the GM radiator stronger!
    • Added safety net for GM
    • More!
    Have fun!
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