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Unsupported Demolition Derby & Banger Stuff mod pack 4.5

Crashing n' Crushing

  1. Big update!

    Peter Beamo

    Here is what I did past 3 days :)

    - ETK-i banger version

    I added safety net, stick ,banger hood ,trunk. Thx to @Mopower77 for the idea of that stick!

    - Ibishu Covet HighRider!
    It's high! I added safety net, stick same as ETKI banger.
    But this car is still Experimental. Jbeam needs more work.

    - Gavril Grand Marshal

    • New skin! "Crazy Taxi". Thx to @holographicmexican for the skin!
    • Removed ABS from SpongeBob config.
    • Removed Derby taxi config and replaced it with Crazy Taxi config.

    - Burnside Special
    • New skin! (Still Experimental). "Shake Rat". Thx to @Zethsquatch for the idea!

    - Other fixes
    • fixed some problems on Derby ETKi config.
    • Improved some jbeam files.

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