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Unsupported Demolition Derby & Banger Stuff mod pack 4.5

Crashing n' Crushing

  1. Version 4.0! More stuff!

    Peter Beamo
    - Fire extinguisher for Barstow and Burnside! (more to come)
    screenshot_00310.png screenshot_00311.png

    - New moonhawk skin! BrockWorks NW
    Thx to @Zethsquatch for the skin!

    - Unbreakable driveshaft to act like a slider driveshaft! For Barstow ,Burnside ,Fullsize ,and old pessima (More to come)

    Other things >
    - Removed off-road derby config (it's useless)
    - Fixed a bug on Burnside shake rat skin. Now it's better.
    screenshot_00319.png screenshot_00320.png
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