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Beta Demolition Derby & Banger Stuff mod pack 4.2

Crashing and Crushing

  1. Added some new skins! And new stuff!

    Peter Beamo
    - Many new skins! (countless)
    - New config for some cars.
    - Fait One Banger racing! (thx to @naguluna )
    You will need Fait One mod to use a banger racing fait one.
    - Fixed some bugs.
    - Hframe roll cage for the covet (For other cars soon)

    And more!!!!
    Thx to @DirtShark32 @Zethsquatch @holographicmexican...
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  2. New skins! And more new stuff

    Peter Beamo
    if you think there are only new 3 skins. You are wrong

    Actually there are 30+ new skins! for GM ,Covet ,Pessima ,Barstow ,Moonhawk ,Pickup ,Burnside ,etc.

    Who made those skins?!? Not me.
    But they are from the real demo-derby driver ,@Zethsquatch
    He took about 2 or 3 days to make dem skins! Very impressive :)
  3. Version 4.0! More stuff!

    Peter Beamo
    - Fire extinguisher for Barstow and Burnside! (more to come)
    screenshot_00310.png screenshot_00311.png

    - New moonhawk skin! BrockWorks NW
    Thx to @Zethsquatch for the skin!

    - Unbreakable driveshaft to act like a slider driveshaft! For Barstow ,Burnside ,Fullsize ,and old pessima (More to come)

    Other things >
    - Removed off-road derby config (it's useless)
    - Fixed a bug on Burnside shake rat skin. Now it's...
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  4. Big update!

    Peter Beamo

    Here is what I did past 3 days :)

    - ETK-i banger version

    I added safety net, stick ,banger hood ,trunk. Thx to @Mopower77 for the idea of that stick!

    - Ibishu Covet HighRider!
    It's high! I added safety net, stick same as ETKI banger.
    But this car is still Experimental. Jbeam needs more work....
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  5. Banger Pessima!

    Peter Beamo
    A quick update! Have fun

    - Banger fenders
    - Banger doors
    - Banger hood!
  6. Quick fix

    Peter Beamo
    - bug fix :)
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    Peter Beamo
    3 Banger cars!!! Let's race!
    screenshot_00017.png screenshot_00023.png screenshot_00025.png
    The reason why I made half doors for covet??.....Becasue it's easier for bigger guys to get in and out.
    They all have custom parts! Just drive and crush it :D
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  8. Derby tires!!!

    Peter Beamo
    • Derby tires!! Make your derby car better!
    screenshot_00010.png screenshot_00011.png

    • New config for Legran
    • Some bugs fixing
  9. Sunburst and semi!

    Peter Beamo
    • Derby sunburst!! (it's 2030) well ,it's a derby modern car
    screenshot_00025.png screenshot_00026.png screenshot_00027.png
    • Derby semi (No config yet)
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  10. Derby hopper!!!

    Peter Beamo
    Derby Hopper added with derby parts!


    1. screenshot_01401.png
    2. screenshot_01403.png