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Beta Demolition Derby & Banger Stuff mod pack 4.3

Crashing and Crushing

  1. little update!

    Peter Beamo
    BullDozer stuff is ready!
    Bull horn now works perfectly!

    And also fixed some bugs
  2. Added some new skins! And new stuff!

    Peter Beamo
    - Many new skins! (countless)
    - New config for some cars.
    - Fait One Banger racing! (thx to @naguluna )
    You will need Fait One mod to use a banger racing fait one.
    - Fixed some bugs.
    - Hframe roll cage for the covet (For other cars soon)

    And more!!!!
    Thx to @DirtShark32 @Zethsquatch @holographicmexican...
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  3. New skins! And more new stuff

    Peter Beamo
    if you think there are only new 3 skins. You are wrong

    Actually there are 30+ new skins! for GM ,Covet ,Pessima ,Barstow ,Moonhawk ,Pickup ,Burnside ,etc.

    Who made those skins?!? Not me.
    But they are from the real demo-derby driver ,@Zethsquatch
    He took about 2 or 3 days to make dem skins! Very impressive :)
  4. Version 4.0! More stuff!

    Peter Beamo
    - Fire extinguisher for Barstow and Burnside! (more to come)
    screenshot_00310.png screenshot_00311.png

    - New moonhawk skin! BrockWorks NW
    Thx to @Zethsquatch for the skin!

    - Unbreakable driveshaft to act like a slider driveshaft! For Barstow ,Burnside ,Fullsize ,and old pessima (More to come)

    Other things >
    - Removed off-road derby config (it's useless)
    - Fixed a bug on Burnside shake rat skin. Now it's...
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  5. Big update!

    Peter Beamo

    Here is what I did past 3 days :)

    - ETK-i banger version

    I added safety net, stick ,banger hood ,trunk. Thx to @Mopower77 for the idea of that stick!

    - Ibishu Covet HighRider!
    It's high! I added safety net, stick same as ETKI banger.
    But this car is still Experimental. Jbeam needs more work....
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  6. Banger Pessima!

    Peter Beamo
    A quick update! Have fun

    - Banger fenders
    - Banger doors
    - Banger hood!
  7. Quick fix

    Peter Beamo
    - bug fix :)
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    Peter Beamo
    3 Banger cars!!! Let's race!
    screenshot_00017.png screenshot_00023.png screenshot_00025.png
    The reason why I made half doors for covet??.....Becasue it's easier for bigger guys to get in and out.
    They all have custom parts! Just drive and crush it :D
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  9. Derby tires!!!

    Peter Beamo
    • Derby tires!! Make your derby car better!
    screenshot_00010.png screenshot_00011.png

    • New config for Legran
    • Some bugs fixing
  10. Sunburst and semi!

    Peter Beamo
    • Derby sunburst!! (it's 2030) well ,it's a derby modern car
    screenshot_00025.png screenshot_00026.png screenshot_00027.png
    • Derby semi (No config yet)
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