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Unsupported Demolition Derby & Banger Stuff mod pack 4.5

Crashing n' Crushing

  1. Derby tires!!!

    Peter Beamo
    • Derby tires!! Make your derby car better!
    screenshot_00010.png screenshot_00011.png

    • New config for Legran
    • Some bugs fixing
  2. Sunburst and semi!

    Peter Beamo
    • Derby sunburst!! (it's 2030) well ,it's a derby modern car
    screenshot_00025.png screenshot_00026.png screenshot_00027.png
    • Derby semi (No config yet)
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  3. Derby hopper!!!

    Peter Beamo
    Derby Hopper added with derby parts!


    1. screenshot_01401.png
    2. screenshot_01403.png
  4. Update

    Peter Beamo
    Derby interior for Grand Marshal
  5. Little update

    Peter Beamo
    Derby Unibody for 200Bx (Derby interior)
  6. Update!

    Peter Beamo
    • Derby ambulance added
    • Derby skin for van added
    • Derby parts (welded parts ,etc.) for COVET added .Also 1 config added
    • Miramar config added
    • And little bug fixes
    screenshot_01354.png screenshot_01355.png screenshot_01356.png screenshot_01357.png
  7. Updates

    Peter Beamo
    • 1 skin for pessima and fullsize added
    • Fixed the missing doors on fullsize
    • The pickup service truck is back!!

    screenshot_01132.png screenshot_01131.png
  8. New update!

    Peter Beamo
    Derby Pigeon!
    screenshot_01090.png screenshot_01092.png screenshot_01091.png screenshot_01093.png

    New config for Legran

    And some improvements!
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  9. Some improvements and more config!

    Peter Beamo
    • Made the suspension higher for some cars to protect a radiator
    • Derby interior for normal barstow body
    • Derby interior for normal midsize body
    • More config added for barstow , '98 pessima ,Fullsize
    • Some files improvement....
    screenshot_00353.png screenshot_00354.png screenshot_00355.png screenshot_00362.png
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  10. More config! and few updates

    Peter Beamo
    • Added more config for 200bx ,Miramar ,fullsize!
    • Improved some jbeam things
    • Fixed some minor bugs
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