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Demolition Derby Cars Pack 2.0

Not your mid-quality derby configs

  1. Summer transmission update

    This update brings something interesting- special transmissions that have multiple reverse and single forward gears. These were often used in real life demolition derbies back in the good old times, but now they are mostly a thing of the past :(. (If you don't like them or simply want to do dirt racing instead of a demolition derby you can always put a normal transmission in your car, no problem.)
    Also, the Legran's derby body was updated to be compatible with update and some...
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  2. Bugfixes

    Removed glass from the Covet's tailgate.
  3. Bugfixes

    Fixed newer Pessima's glassless door being named "No Mirror" instead of "No Glass".
  4. Bugfixes

    Fixed a Covet color bug