Demolition Derby - The Fair Grounds *Demo 10.6.5 Demo

Derby and Racing Scenario - Figure 8, Grass, Concrete, Mud and More

  1. bidwars

    What is a demolition derby?

    A contest in which skilled drivers ram old cars into one another until only one car remains running.
    History of Demolition Derbies
    Where can you get the full version?
    The Full Version can be found here -

    Why do I need to pay to get the full version?
    Each payment is used to support the current and future development of Demolition Derby - The FairGrounds

    Full Version vs Demo
    • Up to 17 - Opponents
    • Extra Tracks and Arenas
    • Selectable User Vehicle and each Opponents Vehicle
    • Derby Stats App
    • Access to DerbyLands 24-7 Parsec Server
    • Menu Options for Real Derby Project (RDP), Mini Mania, Beams Most Hated(BMH), and American Beanz Tracks,
    • MultiSeat Support (Multiple Users)
    What is needed?
    This mod requires BeamNG.Drive, which can be found on the Steam store.

    How can I connect with others users?
    Discord Channel can be found here -

    What other mods are supported by The FairGrounds?


    Real Derby Project (RDP)
    is available here - RDP's mod includes the most realistic derby cars and parts available in BeamNG (please note this work does not belong to me) -

    Mini Mania is available here - mods include compact cars and trucks

    Beams Most Hated (BMH) Derby Mod is available here - compact cars and more.

    AmericanBeanz is available here - Demolition Derby Tracks and Services

    F150 Mods - are available here -
    The Menu:

    Main Menu
    Mods Options:

    All Mods and BeamNG Official - Includes any vehicles including BeamNG vehicles you have installed

    All Mods - Includes any vehicle mods you have installed but not the official vehicles created by BeamNG.

    No Mods - Only vehicles that are created by DD-Indeed and Bidwars.

    Vehicles and Classes:
    Random - Randomly picks from any class, Compact Cars, Mid-Size Cars, Large Cars, Trucks/Pickups/Van/SUV's

    Luxury/Sport Cars - ETKC,ETK800, SBR

    Compact - Coupe, Hatch, Pessima, Sunburst, Miramar

    Mid-Size Cars - Legran, Pessima, ETKi, Midsize, Super

    Large Cars - Barstow, Fullsize, Moonhawk, Burnside

    Truck - Pickups/Van/SUV's - Pickup, Van, Roamer

    Heavy - Semis - Semis

    Stock and Derby Configurations (Created by DD-Indeed)

    Vehicle Configuration:
    Stock Config - Normal everyday vehicles you would find on the street.
    Pro-Derby Config - Higher end derby vehicles can include roll cages, bumpers, without lights, mirrors, glass, door panels, hubcaps, trim, ext...

    Basic-Derby Config - Standard Demolition Derby Configuration including v8's, steel rims, welded differentials but without bumpers, lights, mirrors, glass, door panels, hubcaps, trim, ext..

    Stripped Config - Standard Demolition Derby Configuration without doors (except drivers door), grille's, lettering, ext...

    Low-End Config - Stripped Configuration without drivers door, fenders, hood, and trunks.

    Auto - Model

    Allows you to select which vehicle to drive. If you click the drop down it will show a list of available vehicle models in the class you have selected.


    Arena's and Racing:

    Concrete Figure 8 Racing -
    Small narrow figure 8 racing track

    Oval Dirt Racing - Large dirt track

    Mud Pit Derby - Grass with mud area's

    Oval Dirt Derby - Derby on the oval dirt racing track in the middle of the track.

    Varied Ground Derby - Grass, Mud, and Concrete

    Grass Derby

    Concrete Derby

    Free Fall Derby


    Derby Lands Map:

    Mud Madness Derby -
    Full Mud Track

    Concrete Park Derby -
    Fast Broken Concrete

    Hirochi Raceway Map:

    Grandstands Derby -
    Concrete and Grass

    Cola Figure 8 Racing -
    Figure 8 with jump

    Driver Training Map:
    The Ring Derby -
    Round Arena

    Thank you for playing! Please leave feedback, video, suggestions, or a review. If you found an error or bug let me know on the discussion page!

    Credits and

    DD-Indeed - Default Configs
    F150 - Vehicles
    RDP - Vehicle Designer
    Mini Mania - Vehicle Designer
    American Beanz - Track Designer
    BMH - Vehicle Designer


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    24. Big8.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. kaivista_g3
    Version: 10.6.5 Demo
    doesnt even work :/
  2. Brady Schreckengost
    Brady Schreckengost
    Version: 10.6.5 Demo
    You gotta love when the demo doesn't work so your forced to buy the full version. If you are going to offer a free demo, at least make sure it works. I don't want to put money into something that has a demo that lets me see how it could perform if it doesn't work in the first place. It gives me the impression that if i buy the full version that it might not even work either. I remember when this mod was actually great now its just a push for money and not put out a great product.
  3. uKas
    Version: 10.6.5 Demo
    AI is not working, looks like a scam to me
  4. Roy28
    Version: 10.6.5 Demo
    its not even working, just stuck on: ''press ESC to load menu'' yet here i am pressing the esc key but nothing happens.
  5. Caden Mai
    Caden Mai
    Version: 10.6.5 Demo
    I finally return to see a new update. Despite all the hate the developer/s have been getting, they have still continued on to fix the mod to adhere to updates. I commend the dedication as I had wrote a few months ago a comment outing them about the Patreon and poor effort. I am here to take back the review (delete it) and replace it with a new one. I'm really happy with the fix, I can see that the demo version works, I am happy that they continue to work on it despite all the hate on them, but they have lost one hater and gained another supporter (hopefully, people can start to see that they have fixed the broken version and updated so they can get rid of the 1 stars). I want to thank you guys for making this as I am a real big fan of games against AI such as chasing, racing, and demolition derbying. However, I look forward for an all free mod in the future as 99.9% of the other mods out there don't require a subscription to patreon to get the "full version." Nevertheless, I am completely understanding if the funds go toward supporting all creators of this mod and not the equivalent of pocket change. Hope to see more updates in the future. Keep up the great work! :)
  6. Destroyer222
    Version: 10.6.5 Demo
    Finally update!
  7. Nacho Problem
    Nacho Problem
    Version: 10.5.8 Demo
    not remotely functional
  8. Dennis vom Dorf
    Dennis vom Dorf
    Version: 10.5.8 Demo
    doesnt work, developer only wants to squeeze money out of this through his patreon
  9. McDonaldsWiFi
    Version: 10.5.8 Demo
    doesnt work
  10. austin9696
    Version: 10.5.8 Demo
    If i could give no stars i would, lmao this dev gives 0 f's to give when it comes to this mod, DO NOT purchase Patreon from this guy, he does not answer anyones questions and the updated mod doesn't work with the current beamng version, he has offered 0 assistance and members of his Patreon have sit for days or weeks at a time with no help and have to figure out how to get the mod to work, if it even does work.
    1. bidwars
      Author's Response
      Not sure what you are having trouble with but send me a PM . It is working on the Patreon version only. An update to the demo version will come later.
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