Alpha Demolition Derby - The Fair Grounds *Demo 10.5.0 Demo

Derby and Racing Scenario - Figure 8, Grass, Concrete, Mud and More

  1. Alpha Update 10.2.0 - Roof sign and stick

    Alpha Update 10.2.0 Includes
    1. Added a roof sign that will show for each vehicle. The roof sign will display the vehicle number.
    2. Fixed welding groups not being closed properly on some vehicles
    3. Added a breakable roof stick to indicate when a vehicle is out
    4. Fixed the derby prefab to show barriers again
    5. Fixed the ai waypoint system so it finds the correct arena waypoints
    6. Changed the spawn rotation and position function
    7. More work on heats to show loading messages
    8. Added driver name and number to show who is being called out
    9. Added configs for Bluebuck
    10. Fixed waypoints for figure 8 concrete
    11. Fixed place app to show the correct lap count
    12. Updated ai file to newest beamng version
    13. Added settings for roof sign, roof stick, and welds
    14. Add the Big 8 track
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