Alpha Demolition Derby - The Fair Grounds *Demo 10.5.0 Demo

Derby and Racing Scenario - Figure 8, Grass, Concrete, Mud and More

  1. Alpha Update 10.5.0 - AI Fix and textures

  2. Alpha Update 10.3.0 - AI

    Alpha Update 10.3.0

    1) Update to AI in derby and racing to make them more competitive.
    2) Added support for the RDP Crown Vic
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  3. Alpha Update 10.2.0 - Roof sign and stick

    Alpha Update 10.2.0 Includes
    1. Added a roof sign that will show for each vehicle. The roof sign will display the vehicle number.
    2. Fixed welding groups not being closed properly on some vehicles
    3. Added a breakable roof stick to indicate when a vehicle is out
    4. Fixed the derby prefab to show barriers again
    5. Fixed the ai waypoint system so it finds the correct arena waypoints
    6. Changed the spawn rotation and position function
    7. More work on heats to show loading...
  4. Alpha Update 10.1.0 - Cash to desktop error

    Alpha Update 10.1.0 Includes
    1. Fixed an error with the scenario end for derby causing beamng to crash to desktop
    2. Fixed some of the vehicle high beam strength for welding
    3. Fixed Random class not showing all vehicle option
    4. Added Piccolina and Hopper.
    5. Heats -
    • Worked on loading each round
    • Worked on vehicle loading in the damaged state
  5. Alpha Update 10.0.10 - Menu Hotfix

    1) Fix for the drop down menu's not working.
  6. Alpha Update 10.0.8 - HotFix 2

    Alpha Update 10.0.8 Includes

    1) Fix for Parts Config menu now showing correctly
    2) Fix for derby scenario timer not counting
  7. Alpha Update 10.0.6 - Fixes for Menu update

    Alpha Update 10.0.6 Includes
    1. Fixed scenario name not showing correctly on restarts. Only happening on modded maps
    2. Fixed and issue searching for available vehicles. Causing a lua error and not loading vehicles.
    3. Fixed an issue with the waypoints triggering for each vehicle. In racing arena's you will not be able to switch vehicles anymore.
    4. Fixed decal road for figure 8 in derby scenario.
  8. Alpha Update 10.0.0 - Menu Updates

  9. Alpha Update 9.0.1- Fix for scenario not showing

    1) Vehicle config changes.
    2) Fix for scenario not showing. You should not have to unpack the mod.
  10. Alpha Update 9.0.0 - Derby Scenario App

    Alpha Update 9.0.0 Includes
    1. Created a new Derby Scenario App. The app allows you to drive to any point on any map in freeroam and then to create a derby scenario. Once you have a place to derby open the Demolition Derby Scenario App and click the Start Scenario Mode button. The location must have two waypoints and one road between two waypoint's to the ai's spawn point.
    2. Added tool tips to the Scenario loading screen. Click the ? mark next to each drop down...
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