Unsupported Demolition Derby 1.5.11

Hit the other guys. Repeat until they stop driving around. Win.

  1. MODERATION : zip folders

    MODERATION : zip folders
  2. Update 1.5.1

    Fixed calls to map.objects, which, in turn, fixes the entire scenarios.
  3. Update 1.5.0

    • Removed "modded" scenario, as the required mods are outdated (will be added again when the mods are updated)
    • Moved random vehicle selection to bnse, and made this mod depend on that
    • Added "carnage" scenario, which is... A bit more destructive than the rest
  4. Update 1.4.3

    • Fixed issue with only default configurations being selected for random derby.
    • Removed partConfig from stock prefab, to ensure that the default configuration is always selected.
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  5. Update 1.4.2

    • Updated script and folder layout for BeamNG.drive update 0.5.4
    • Updated stripped version vehicle configurations
    • Fixed countdown timer display issues
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  6. Update 1.4.1

    Updated AI script to work with 0.5.2.
  7. Update 1.4.0

    Added a fourth demolition derby scenario to the pack, with randomly selected vehicles! Credit to dagalufh for this: he came up with the idea and made it a reality. Some tweaking further and here we are.
  8. Update 1.3.0

    Updated scenario for
    • Removed scenario detection workaround
    • Fixed stripped part configurations and updated preview accordingly
    • Scaled down preview images
  9. Update 1.2.2

    Refactored the entire script and prefab layout to simplify maintenance, updates and somewhat reduce file size.
  10. Update 1.2.1

    Added workaround for scenario mod detection bug.
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