Derby and Stock Car Skin Pack for the Moonhawk 1.3

7 Skins and presets

  1. New and improved skins and presets - 7 total

    F150 Ranger
    This update improves the 4 previously released skins and presets and adds 3 more for added variety in your demolition derbies or races. Have fun!

    derby37.png derby44.png derby55.png derby62.png race37.png race44.png race55.png
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  2. Reconfigured for version 0.5.6

    F150 Ranger
    This release incorporates two new official parts, the roll cage and the doors without door panels. Also made improvements to the skins by painting over the chrome trim and bumpers. Added a bump map to the interior skin. Split the skins into two configurations, the plain cars with numbers only are configured for demo derbies while the cars with sponsors are now hopped up for the track. This release does drop the dirt-covered variations for the time being as I could not get them to look...
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  3. 3 New Skins

    F150 Ranger
    Added a new car comprised of 3 new skins and presets
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