Outdated Derby cars 2.0


  1. Huge update!

    Content:Added Barstow Derby
    Added Moonhawk Derby
    Added SBR4 Derby
    Added I-Series Derby
    Added Miramar Derby
    New thumbails and Performance (WIP)
    Derby.png Derby.png Derby.png Derby.png Derby.png
  2. 1 New Car

    1.6 update: New car: Hirochi Sunburst Derby Derby.png
  3. Small changes and bugfixes

    1.5 update: 1988 Ibishu Pessima: small changes, bugfixes
    Ibishu Covet: bugfixes
    Ibishu 200BX: small changes, bugfixes
    Easier use BeamNG 2016-02-15 16-45-04-81.jpg
  4. 2 New Cars

    New Cars:Gavril H-series Derby
    ETK 800 series Derby screenshot_00006.png

  5. New Cars

    Cars: 1988 Ibishu Pessima Derby
    Ibishu Covet Derby
    Ibishu 200BX Derby
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