Descent road 22juin2017

difficult roads and paths for test your driving skills ... or not

  1. difficult dirt tracks update 22juin2017


    -Several kilometers of dirt tracks

    - 4 reversible quickraces ( one 100% asphalt, one 100% dirt, two asphat and dirt mixed)

    - a new spawnpoint at the bottom of the mountain, on the parking lot.

    - some small buildings (ruins)

    - and some smalls details here and there , as the shape of the terrain by places, or the Lod settings of some objects. And certainly others things i don't remember
  2. bug correction

    my alpologies. I haved to correct a bug (invisible road texture not working)
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  3. relooking

    relooking of my first map

    I've added a lot of decals, new rock texture, 2d grass and flower, between others.
    The road is a bit smoother. Just a bit because the goal is always to represente a very old small road in bad state, on mountain side. I've used the terrain shape tool in the area of the stunt dirt tracks.

    joyeux noël et bonne année à tous
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