Beta Desert Highway 2021.12.29

Now 75 Miles of Roads!

  1. Update 2021.12.26

    This long overdue update includes several fixes to keep the map capable with the latest versions of the game.

    The following issues have been addressed:
    • Bush texture issue fixed, but in the process, ran into issues with the forest. The map currently has no vegetation.
    • AI improvements over bridges. AI works generally well on the map.
    • Multiple spawn points have been defined.
    • Had to re-do most of the textures. Base texture is different, several different textures have had parameter adjustments.
    • Brought any objects caught floating back to Earth.
    • Decal Road cleanup, including fixing broken textures, also fixing overlapping issues (render priority). Fixed up some road curves being horrible unnatural.
    • Attempting to fix up terrible camber on some roads. More work to be done.
    • General smoothing especially at edges of cliffs.
    • Turned down most sound emitters, they were far too loud.
    Features added:
    • 15 miles of off-road trail or dirt road. They are swift and move fast, have fun :)
    Known issues:
    • Some holes in the Earth where I had to cut it out for the tunnel.
    • Vegetation is completely absent, however as a result, overall performance is improved.
    • Some models have texture issues.
    • Despite AI cars working, map/GPS doesn't seem to work.
    • Convert map textures to PBR
    • Add vegetation back? Feedback on this is welcome, I personally like the map being cleaner.
    If you spot issues, please write a forum comment. Your feedback is welcome! Be aware that I will only be working on this sparingly.

    Derivative mods are allowed, just credit me as the original author.
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