Beta Desert Highway 2021.12.29

Now 75 Miles of Roads!

  1. 2021.12.29 - Road texture fixes

    This fixes broken road textures and removes a couple of buildings that had issues.

    Make sure to clear your cache!
  2. Update 2021.12.26

    This long overdue update includes several fixes to keep the map capable with the latest versions of the game.

    The following issues have been addressed:
    • Bush texture issue fixed, but in the process, ran into issues with the forest. The map currently has no vegetation.
    • AI improvements over bridges. AI works generally well on the map.
    • Multiple spawn points have been defined.
    • Had to re-do most of the textures. Base texture is different, several different textures have had...
  3. Bad terrain hotfix.

    Hotfix for the massive terrain blemish in the center of the map.

    No other work done :)
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  4. Fixed some annoying stuff

    Hey guys, took a couple hours today to fix up some stuff you've been bugging me on (all good things, keep doing this!)

    • Fixed many road-to-road transitions. Many roads were badly overlapping.
    • Fixed some unrealistic bank curves on the hill climb portion, some areas had banks up to 25 degrees. These have areas have been vastly normalized and have had signs added.
    • Fixed water. The physics were broken on the lake and on the river. Deleted these and remade them and the...
  5. Hotfix for 0.9

    • Fixed broken dependencies caused by the removal of Dry Rock Island.
    • Fixed the unintended 'wahwah'ing of the waterfall sounds.
    • Minor fixes (can't remember them D: )
  6. Fixed AI

    Very simple update. Fixed AI so that it can now go over bridges!

  7. Version 13 Alpha - The I'm-Sorry-I-Made-You-Put-Up-With-Mesh-Roads Update

    Welcome to the 'I'm-Sorry-I-Made-You-Put-Up-With-Mesh-Roads' Update!

    Seriously though, nine months it's been?? Oh my God, that's an embarrassing time frame for this map to not get updated. Let's get to it:

    • Mesh roads are gone! The only ones that remain are for bridges and the tunnel. They've been replaced with decal roads on hand molded terrain. Bumps will occur. This isn't a track.
    • Added several new road textures courtesy of...
  8. Fixed errors

    Should be none now!
  9. Bye bye red text

    Pretty sure all parse errors are gone now ;)

    Thanks @PainyTOXA !
  10. Many bugs fixed; thanks BeamNG!


    Removed the skid lag fix from the map. This has been fixed all across the game.

    The latest update has a double reverse buffer (or something like that) so this fixes a massive amount of the flickering on the map. It looks so much better!

    Thanks BeamTeam!

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