Destruction of cars (hard) 1.1

Destruction of cars (hard)

    This map is the third part of the Destruction of cars series. It is also the largest. Its dimensions are 1850 in length, 1100 in width, and 500 meters in height. Some bugs were fixed and some changes were added.
    On the map now added textures and colors. They have a small glitch so that they become transparent when viewed from below.
    Now there are as many as 25 developed tests of which:
    - 10 descents,
    - 1 springboard (each black line is 100 meters),
    - 3 skill tests,
    - 4 rows of speed bumps.
    - 1 test for various accidents at an angle,
    - 1 ramp up (something like a skill test),
    - 1 descent down the stairs from the blocks,
    - 1 derby map,
    - 2 falls down (on spikes and beams),
    - 1 round descent down.
    Due to the large card area, there may be some performance problems with the game in some places on weak PCs.
    The goal of the card is to destroy the car in all possible ways and have fun!
    Any suggestions and criticism are welcome!
    P.S. The first time I worked with textures and such a huge map, so there may be some problems. Optimization and error correction will be if I gain experience and finally figure out the modding game.


    1. screenshot_2019-07-20_17-19-47.jpg
    2. screenshot_2019-07-20_17-20-08.jpg
    3. screenshot_2019-07-20_17-20-21.jpg
    4. screenshot_2019-07-20_17-20-32.jpg
    5. screenshot_2019-07-20_17-20-46.jpg
    6. screenshot_2019-07-20_17-21-00.jpg
    7. screenshot_2019-07-20_17-21-15.jpg
    8. screenshot_2019-07-20_17-21-26.jpg
    9. screenshot_2019-07-20_17-21-51.jpg
    10. screenshot_2019-07-20_17-22-18.jpg
    11. smallgrid_previewjpg.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Texture big update

Recent Reviews

  1. kruppn3708
    Version: 1.1
    doesn't have many features, maybe add more stuff
    1. LEGUSHA
      Author's Response
      HI! I'm working on HUGE update for this map. Now model of map i had finished, but there will be a lot of work. This update will release on next week (i hope).
  2. MultiGamerClub
    Version: 1.0
    In-accesable areas without going to Shift-C and using F7 to spawn to the floor below, textures seem to bug out when your at the bottom.
  3. GOP228(Андрей)
    Version: 1.0
    I like it!
  4. Slahnya
    Version: 1.0
    The idea is good but some points disapointing me a bit
    - Platformes are inaccessible, should be adding ramps
    - The flying speed bumps.. i would prefer if they were at the ground, it would be nice to do suspension tests on it
    - The textures gives me headache :')
    1. LEGUSHA
      Author's Response
      There is one speed bump on floor, textures will be changed if i find more suitable!
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