Diesel Autobello 1.0

Well... A cheap "modern" diesel autobello sold in asian countries with a 60mph limit

  1. Lordlichi2006
    So as I said, this is a cheap "modern" diesel autobello sold in asian countries, it goes as fast as 60mph (100kph) with it's 4Speed manual gearbox, "modern" hubcaps.
    1.1L F4 Diesel Engine
    Diesel Fuel Tank
    T30 Turbo
    T40 Turbo


    Diesel turbo

    Diesel turbo 2

    note: They may look the same but have diferent turbos and wheels.
    Im Spanish so there may be some mistakes.
    This is my first mod so it's not the best.


    1. icon.png
    2. DieselTurbo2.jpg
    3. DieselTurbo.jpg
    4. Diesel.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Fly-One
    Version: 1.0
    great mod
    1. Lordlichi2006
      Author's Response
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