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Beta DieseMotors Engines for D-series 3.1

The Diesel engine you were waiting for, now in the D-series

  1. Hotfix for sounds

    This fixes missing engine sounds. adds back the intended sounds for this engine
  2. Fixed torque band, n2o, engine torque damage support, exhaust pops, and tranny fixed again.

    This update fixes a bit, also adds new features. I had the torque curve way off, please enjoy this update. It is much better.
  3. This update fixes configs. And no more stalling on launch

    This update removes junk configs, also adds a new transmission to the default trucks. It is an 8 speed manual, that transmission fixes stalling on launch. Also doesn't need to wait for the turbo to spool!


    1. DieselMotors_4bt.png
    2. DieselMotors_4bta.png
    3. DieselMotors_4bta_OffRoad.png
    4. DieselMotors_6bta.png
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  4. Fixed the overkill turbo, and made a new config to give you more power with the 6bta

    This update fixed the annoying turbo issue. I did that because i thought it would be fine. No it wasnt. Okay so since that is finally taken care of enjoy. Also a new config that is what I enjoy to use, it has the 6bta with a 4wd system and locking diffs all around


    1. DieselMotors_6bta_CreatorsEdition.png
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  5. Textures please

    The textures are fixed for my brother. They seem to work for me and him. Also added more configs for the 6bt
  6. New DieselMotors 6bt engine

    This update should fix the issue with textures. I needed to update what was texture was on the exhaust. Honestly I did a temp fix, but it'll be fixed soon. The newest engine to DieselMotors is finally here. The DieselMotors 6bta, with turbo. Soon to include non Turbo 6bt, for now enjoy more torque and more cylinders!


    1. DieselMotors_6bta_HeavyDuty.png
  7. New transmission, and configs

    This update fixes a few small issues, It also addresses the transmission. Now you wont stall with a better automatic transmission. Plus you can have a better config, thanks for patience.
  8. Fixed compatibility issues

    The D-series gets a Diesel? With a diesel fuel tank?
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