Dinita XLS D540 1.0

A once simple German luxury car.

  1. taa
    In the past, German cars were popular among middle-aged people due to their dignified design.
    However, the D540 has been redesigned and has a rounded shape.
    The curved shape gives a modern impression and has become popular among young nouveau riches.
    The engine is equipped with a 5.4L V8 turbo engine, and the suspension is also adjusted to provide a stable ride.
    In 2000, the introduction of electronic controls and navigation systems, etc.
    It was an epoch-making vehicle, but nowadays it is often lined up in the used car market with a dirty and sad appearance.
    screenshot_2022-05-01_15-19-51.png screenshot_2022-05-01_15-20-16.png screenshot_2022-05-01_15-20-26.png screenshot_2022-05-01_15-20-34.png screenshot_2022-05-01_15-21-23.png screenshot_2022-05-01_15-21-53.png screenshot_2022-05-01_15-22-02.png

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