Beta Dirty 4x4 Offroad 1.5

Dirty 4x4 is based off one of my local trails call naches A fun muddy looped trail

  1. Dirty 4x4 Content update

    Offroading drive
    -New twister obstacle

    -2 new spawn

    -Terrain smoothing
    -New obstacles
    -Fixed a few tire eater trees & rocks
    -Deeper MUDDDD
  2. Big Update! Dirty 4x4

    Offroading drive
    This update has a lot towards it! So lets get started
    -Added a brand new spawn point and Island called Challenge island, Test your patience with this really hard island that is not linked anywhere.
    -Added bypasses to harder parts in the map.
    -Added deeper more enjoyable mud.
    -Added ruts.
    -Fixed Water plane bug.
    -Fixed rain sound.
    -Fixed the spawn location order.


    1. Chaallengeisland3.jpg
    2. ChallengeIsland2.jpg
    3. ChallengeIsland.jpg
    4. image_2022-02-27_191808.png
    5. image_2022-02-27_191817.png
  3. Dirty 4x4 Bug Update

    Offroading drive
    Bug fixes *Sigh
  4. Dirty 4x4 Update

    Offroading drive
    Fixed bugs and misplaced items
  5. Dirty 4x4 Update!

    Offroading drive
    1.0 Brings you More mud and deeper Mud pits

    -Rain Sounds
    -Fixed Clipping issues
    -Fixed some tress
    -Fixed Terrain
    -Changed some rocks
    -Changed map layout
    -New materials coming soon!
  6. Dirty 4x4 Offroad

    Offroading drive
    This update brings more real to the map and more spawns.
  7. Dirty 4x4 Offroad 0.7

    Offroading drive
    This update fixes many things.
    -Floating trees
    -To wide

    I also added.
    -Two more rocks obstacles
    -Bypasses for all trees and rocks
    -More mud & water
  8. Dirty 4x4 Offroad- Expansion/Fixes

    Offroading drive
    0.6 Brings more trails and more bypasses!
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