Dodge Viper 1.0

King of Viper 2500Hp

  1. Megatanks
    Photo67.png Photo68.png Photo69.png Photo70.png
    This is my 2016 Dodge Viper (inspierd by mc_rippinz and calvomotorsports)
    Engine: 9.9Liter V10 Turbocharged- 2500Hp@8200U/Min
    Transmission: 6Speed Sequential with Awd
    Suspension: Doublewishbone(F)-Multilink(B)
    Weight: 2187Kg
    Acceleration: 0-100 2.4Sek
    Quartermile: 7.74Sek
    Have Fun :D

Recent Reviews

  1. Spectxre
    Version: 1.0
    Cool! It looks more of like a 90s viper with a 5th gen viper rear end
    1. Megatanks
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for your Feedback, I´m glad you liked it. Maybe you wanna check out some of my other stuff to :D
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