Dominos 1

Knock one down, they all fall down...

  1. Artistterrymartin
    For now its just 6 in a row.

    Later update will be a single, single laying flat, a turn, and possibly a few others.

    Simulation seems like its a little slow, but likely because a real domino has rounded ends to cause them to tip faster. To save CPU I made it simple as possible to spawn a lot with good performance (individual results vary)

    Got to learn slotting to get to next step/update


    1. d.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. davidinark
    Version: 1
    This is very cool, but in world editor, you cannot rotate them. Can that be fixed?
  2. DREAMヅ
    Version: 1
    I am the one who commented on the hand eye video
    1. Artistterrymartin
      Author's Response
      Hey thanks ! I was thinking hand eye.... Oh the eye in the hand video I posted.
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