Dorra 950 Compact 1.0

A sturdy, affordable hatchback

  1. Daaxoo
    Dorra 950 Compact

    Unremarkable. Unexciting. But gets the job done, with its rugged simplicity. Unlike most modern hatches, with their fancy monocoque body and weight-saving measures applied everywhere, the 950 Compact doesn't care about that, but only about staying simple and cutting costs wherever it can, without affecting interior furnishing and safety too much. A cheap, hefty ladder chassis, all-steel construction, making the small car surprisingly on the heavy, but also rugged side, capable of taking serious punishment on bad roads and very bottom heavy, difficult to flip over, unlike most small vehicles. All-drum brakes are not the most performance-efficient braking system, but with the size of the drums, it gets the job done.

    A punchy Inline 3 Turbo engine keeps the performance up, though, despite the weight. Not exactly sporty, but not slow. Coupled with a sequential gearbox for less downtime shifting gears compared to manual one. For a cheap commuter run-around vehicle, more then enough.

    950ccm I3 SOHC Turbo
    158nm of torque
    Redline: 7500RPM
    VVL technology
    Double Wishbone/Torsion Beam suspension
    FWD drivetrain
    5-Speed Sequential gearbox
    Top Speed: 177kph
    0 - 100kph in 10.5sec
    100 - 120kph in 6.6sec
    Weight: 1428kg


    Dorra Automotive Industries: Building a workhorse, on a budget.


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