Beta Drift truck 0.8

Now you can go up a hill sideways in your d-series (As seen in the demo)

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  1. MadLeigh
    Version: 0.8
    See's the title, Drift Truck! Gets excited thinking OH Cooool, It must be something like a Djplopper Mega Pack Mod Semi Truck set up for racing but tuned for the precise art of Controlled Power Sliding where driving styles like the turn in to the corner before the corner has even been reached like with the Scandinavian flick, Finnish flick, pendulum turn, or Scandi flick where the vehicle is thrown into a controlled power slide in the opposite direction ready for the anticipation of the sudden flick back to enter the intersection, bend, corner, gate et cetera with intentions of keeping the vehicle in the maximum controlled momentum speed zone to achieve the best times of competition.. Yeah Man, With Style.. Now add a buddy to tailgate me through the process of that controlled power slide manoeuvre so it can be classed as Drifting as it takes 2 or more to Drift.. Controlled power sliding with just 1 vehicle can't really be claimed as Drifting!! So yeah, Opens link to see a common Gavril D-Series Pick-up err UTE which makes me cringe and shake my head side to side, Dude that is NOT a TRUCK!! Sure it's a body on frame/chassis design but it's NOT a Truck!!! A Truck is like the Gavril T-Series.. Now I'm Shattered as I was really expecting to see an actual Truck and not a Gavril D-Series or Gavril Roamer set up for precise controlled power sliding driving technique.. Err Drifting as some people call it.. I'm sure some people would try to claim that the Ibishu Hopper is also a Truck but NO it's Not a Truck even if it is a body on frame/chassis design like a real Truck uses.. Face Palm, Head Butts the desk with disappointment that makes me yell out curse words with the normal words like "That is NOT a F#&king TRUCK".... Any vehicle can be set up for precise controlled power sliding driving style (Drifting as some people like to call it it, Thinking it's Trendy to call it Drifting as they are breaking traction to skid) simply by making sure the rear is lower than the front plus some finer tuning of the steering wheels and suspension et cetera.. Again a D-Series is NOT a Truck!!! The Blue Bird Bus and Dansworth/Wentward is more of a Truck than a D-Series Pick-Up err UTE!! Even the PLE AT-TE can be classed as a Truck (Which slides around rather nicely with it's 8 wheels/tyres) Still I RATE 3 Stars for the effort that also gained a delusional 4 star rant from a Mad Man.. **Moderator**, Feel free to edit, Shrink or delete my review of this Work of Art - Gavril D-Series Drift Pick-Up err UTE that isn't a TRUCK!!
    1. RowanBirdX09
      Author's Response
      Please refer to the text and images
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