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Beta Driver, Passengers and Loads 0.92

Ads pilot, dummy, passengers and loads for many vanilla and mods cars.

  1. hotfix stiggy texture

    hotfix stiggy texture, now with black helmet
  2. Fix the passengers mesh bug

    Fix the passengers mesh bug (nodeOffeset changed to nodeMove)
  3. Added Passengers and loads


    • Added support for the D-series, H-series, Barstow, Burnside and Miramar
    • Multiple passengers
    • Loads added to the Etk800, Miramar, New gen Pessima, H-Series and D-Series (bed accessories)
    • Two H-Series presets + skins (Tasty Cola)
    • Now the mod work with the mod_slot
    • Bolide and Pigeon are not included (as it's not working well)
    • Fixed Force Feedback (FFB) issue, now the hands are not animated...
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  4. Fix

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