Dry Rock Island Pack 1.0

Skin pack for a Dry Rock Island.

  1. Youngtimer
    Skin pack for Dry Rock Island. Skins contained in this pack before were a separate mods. I fused them into a pack, because it's better to have similarly themed content as a single mod.
    Gavril Grand Marshal:
    city_garage_side.png dri_police_garage_side.png
    Police skin and 2 versions
    Gavril Roamer:
    dri_fr_2_garage_side.png dri_fr_comv_garage_side.png dri_fr_garage_side.png dri_fr_or_garage_side.png

    Fire&Rescue skin and 4 configs
    Gavril H-Series:
    dri_ambulance_garage_side.png dri_ambulance_s_garage_side.png
    Ambulance skin and 2 versions.
    Dry Rock Island license plate, set as default for the map.

    My Documents/BeamNG.drive/mods
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Recent Reviews

  1. Car8john
    Version: 1.0
    Very good and handy, I do feel some skins need some attention to them, I feel maybe touching them up in a painting app, then it could easily be five stars, I'd also suggest making a taxi skin and maybe a trucking company for t series
    1. Youngtimer
      Author's Response
      Nice suggestions.
  2. KaiserimnopYT
    Version: 1.0
    Another great pack, continue making them I love them (*^-^*)
    1. Youngtimer
  3. Spede3
    Version: 1.0
    This pack is pretty good, the skins are of average quality except for the logo on the fire roamer, the logo is a little pixelated when you view it up close. The license plate is very good quality too. If I could suggest something would be moving the number on the Grand Marshal from the back trunk to the roof, I am saying this because the way it is separated by the antenna looks off to me.
    1. Youngtimer
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the suggestions. Skins are quite old, so that's why they're average quality.
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