Unsupported Dune Island, USA 0.4.1

An Island with Sand Dunes, Roads and Trails

  1. Bug fixes!!!

    Bug fixes for signs (@bob.blunderton thank you for pointing it out) and the roamer.
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  2. What Happened to Clifton?!

    This update includes many things:
    • New Scenarios
      • The Clifton Story: Part 1
    • Get to the Lighthouse 2
    • Roads now use the new decal road features
    • No more need for VM
    • And more!
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  3. Signs and Collision Mesh Update

    before you say there are bugs...

    This update includes better collision meshes on:
    • Signs
    • Guardrails
    • Warning signs
    • Speed Limit signs
    • New Bridges
    • Barn
    • Small farm
    • Rocks
    • Night lights...
    • And more!

    I also tried to optimize the map by mesh culling and other things
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  4. Skins and More!

    0.2.0 Changelog:
    • Added Guardrails to the s-curve on the river
    • New Preview Pics
    • Van ambulance configs
    DIFD_ambulance_OR.png DIFD_ambulance.png
    • 0.6.1 bug fixes
    • 3 new scenarios
    • Signs don't eat cars for breakfast... (mostly...)
    • No texture bug fixed... (reverted to an older material.cs file)
    • Lights!
    • Sounds!
    • Wind
    • NOT A BUG! Pickup Lightbar now...
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  5. The Windmill Update

    • Adds a Windmill and lighthouse
    • Re-skined Barriers
    • More Scenarios
    • And now a Grand Marshall Config!
  6. Billboards & More!

    • Sand is not always so Forza-like (to quote WhyBeAre) which makes the Rally Stage 3 a little bit easier...
    • Added billboard and made mud bog easier to cross. Why? Because the GL83 seems to be outdated...
    • Blacktop in the city and road smoothing...
    • Removed warehouse in city and replaced with trees
    • Optimized vegetation
    • Redone scenarios
    • And more...
  7. The Grass Update

    Adds grass, fixes spawn driveway entrance from road among other things and adds something to the pickup...
  8. 0.1.2 Update

    Fixes bugs, adds scenarios, adds custom ground model for dunes and some other things...
  9. Bug Fixes

    Optimization of textures and zip size, fixed preview icon size and some road weirdness :cool:
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