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DuneWulff's Config Pack 1.0 Apotheosis

An vehicular cacophony of the has-been, never-was, the might-be, and still-is.

  1. The Powertrain Update 2

    (fix to initial update - forgot some stuff)
    Added a ton of new powertrain options.
    • Carbon Precision Engine
    • Carbon Precision Twin Turbos
    • Rusty Rocket Engine
    • Wulff TwinDragon Turbo System
    • 'Sky Six' Inline 6 (an upgraded "Straight Piped i6")
    ETK 800
    • Wulff Bantam Turbo (diesels)
    ETK i
    • Wulff Goshawk Turbo
    • 4.0 Clunker (a surging, powerless, destroyed engine that can't reach highway speeds)
    • EXCLAMATION Hi-Rev i6
    • 'Icemaker' Tuned and Ported i6
    • Blown Transmission (you literally have to skip 2nd gear)
    • 3.8 neco Tuned V6
    • PANZER 'Bleed' Radiator
    • PANZER 'Earthquake' 5.9 V8 Drag Engine
    • PANZER 'Agony' Intake System
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