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DuneWulff's Config Pack 1.0 Apotheosis

An vehicular cacophony of the has-been, never-was, the might-be, and still-is.

  1. Parts n Junk

    Added configs:
    • Pickett Exhaust Ad Van
    • Custom ETK K series
    • Soccer Mom Roamer
    • Custom T-series
    • Wrecking Yard Special Roamer
    Added parts:
    • Coal-rolling engine for H-series Slamvan
    • An even-more coal-rolling engine for the Pickett Van
    • Port and Polished i6 for T-series
    • PANZER 'Torment' 5-speed Transmission for T-series
    • WULFF Buzzard Turbo for T-series
    • CROWBAIT Ultra Quick Ratio steering for T-series
    • CROWBAIT Titanium Driveshaft for T-series
    • CROWBAIT Limited Slip Diff for T-series
    • Blown i6 for Peacemaker H-series
    • 3.0L PANZER 'Schnelle 6' for ETK800 Shuttle
    • WULFF 'Silver Eagle' FI System for ETK800 Shuttle
    • 3.0L Running Rich i6 for ETK800 Ratrod
    • Tinted Tail+Headlights for Black-on-Black Covet
    • Tinted Taillights for Jack B. Nimble Barstow
    • Busted Power Steering for Wrecking Yard Roamer
    • Junkyard Motor for Wrecking Yard Roamer
    • Tinted windows for Sweet Disaster Covet
    • Overall reduction in "oil overheating" warnings for all cars with superturbos
    • Some skin tweaks
    • Some typo fixes
    • Shuttle ETK config has been changed into a drag wagon :p
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