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DuneWulff's Config Pack 1.0 Apotheosis

An vehicular cacophony of the has-been, never-was, the might-be, and still-is.

  1. The Pioneer Shakes

    Update adds a few configs and mostly fixes stuff that broke with new updates.
    • Frontiersman ETK 800 (skin is 80% finished) - based on another car ;)
    • Derby Trembler Barstow (also based on another car)
    • Restomod Burnside - it has flames
    1. Crash loading SBR4s with custom engines/transaxles/exhaust/intakes
    2. Fixed LOUD PIPES Moonhawk blowing engine upon full acceleration
    3. Fixed VIP ETKi Series blowing engine
    4. Bonneville Speedsta has had a little tweaking, still very much WIP
    5. VIP ETK i Series now also has small NO2 cansiter
    6. A few others got nitrous
    7. Other stuff that I didn't write down
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