Outdated DuneWulff's Config Pack 1.0 Apotheosis

An vehicular cacophony of the has-been, never-was, the might-be, and still-is.

  1. Dune figured out how to make tinted windows... and other stuff

    Configs added:
    • Beater Legran - feat. broken parts and RUST c:
    • neco Rally Legran
    • PANZER drag H-series
    • Black on Black Covet
    • Chalkboard Covet
    • Race Hopper
    • Jack B. Nimble Gasser Barstow
    • Sanguine Amaryllis SBR4
    • Lowrider Barstow
    • EXCLAMATION Stunt team vehicles (equipped with upgraded engines and extremely soft suspension)
      • Stunt ETK I
      • Stunt Barstow
      • Stunt Hopper
      • Stunt Roamer
    • Sandworm Hopper
    • VIP ETK I
    • Yakuza ETK I
    • Contrast...
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  2. Civetta Skins

    added two skins for the Bolide.
    -Barn Find

    *This will be the last update for a while*
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  3. Dos Americanos

    -added the P-40 Warhawk styled "Slamvan" (an H-series rat rod)
    -added the "Cinderhead" Gasser burnside
    -made a few underlying changes to the Toro Burnside skin to make it play nice with other colors
    -Little changes to the High Roller burnside skin and a few others (mostly just fixing little unpainted patches in the creases
  4. Friend of the Gambler

    -Added "High Roller" Burnside
    -Meant to add an ornamental gold textured Miramar but GIMP is not playing nicely with it. Will be released when fixed.
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  5. A little more for a lot less

    -Added a few more configs
    -Compressed every .dds skin
    -changed a few descriptions

    Remember to clear your cache if needed.
  6. Cardboard

    added cardboard van
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