Beta Duramax Diesel Engine Addon for D-Series/H-Series/Roamer/Grand Marshal/Hopper/Burnside 0.2.2

Add the awesome realism of GM/Isuzu Diesel Engines to your in-game vehicles!

  1. MNP
    An update is in the works for this mod. The current version may have bugs, please keep that in mind.

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    Supported Vehicles:
    • D-Series Pickup
    • H-Series Van
    • Hopper 4x4
    • Roamer SUV
    • Burnside Classic
    • Grand Marshal SUV
    What's Added:
    • Duramax Diesel Engines
      • Early Model (LB7, LLY, LBZ)
      • Late Model (LMM, LML, L5P)
    • Turbochargers
      • Early
        • Early Model (LB7)
        • Mid Model (LLY)
        • Late Model (LBZ)
        • Stage 1, 2, and 3
      • Late
        • Early Model (LML)
        • Late Model (L5P)
        • Stage 1, 2, and 3
    • Transmissions
      • Early
        • Allison 5 Speed Auto
        • Allison 6 Speed Auto
        • ZF 6 Speed Manual
      • Late
        • Allison 6 Speed Auto
        • Allison 10 Speed Auto
        • ZF 6 Speed Manual (Hopper, Burnside and Grand Marshal Only)
    • Fuel Injectors
      • Adjustable Fuel Injectors - Change values in Tuning Menu
      • Aftermarket Fuel Injectors - Preset for power and smoke
    • Mufflers
      • Stock Muffler
      • Performance Muffler (Custom model on Hopper, Burnside and Grand Marshal)
      • No Muffler
      • Hoodstack (Only on Burnside for now)
    • Emissions Control
      • Stock Emissions Control (DEF tube model on D-Series, H-Series, Roamer)
      • Deleted Emissions Control
    • Engine Wear
      • No Engine Wear
      • 50k Engine Wear (*Decreases max torque capability)
      • 100k Engine Wear*
      • 200k Engine Wear*
      • 300k Engine Wear*
      • Blown Head Gasket
      • Low Oil Damage
    • ECU & Tuning
      • Speed Limiter
      • Engine Tune (Stock, Tow/Haul, Performance, Custom)
      • Traction Control (Grand Marshal and Burnside Only)
    • Tuning (All Options)

    adventure_dmax.png beatup_worktruck.png bossvan.png candc_dmax.png cophd_dmax.png crawler_duramax.png junk_truck_dmax.png l5psport.png lbzdragpack.png lmltrack.png oldmanspecial.png prerunner_duramax.png prerunner_short_duramax.jpg roadsport_dmax.png secretservice.png secretserviceold.png sporttruck_dmax.png stockh25_dmax.png street_duramax.png converted_pd.png dragdiesel.png slammed.png modernbrodozer.png

    v32 - Last Edited - 12/7/21 @ 21:24 CST

Recent Reviews

  1. JoshWaaaaaaaModding
    Version: 0.2.2
    I gotta say, I used this mod in all my duramaxs (Until I made my own LBZ mod, your mod is still 7 out of 5 stars though.) And it worked great. Sounds are great, customisation is great. 7-5 stars.
  2. Serialjwalker00
    Version: 0.2.2
    This is awesome! I love towing heavy loads but please add this engine to the barstow.
  3. Beastdavidrush 2
    Beastdavidrush 2
    Version: 0.2.2
    Ty For This Amazing Mod
  4. 1993 MAZDA MIATA
    1993 MAZDA MIATA
    Version: 0.2.2
    tysm for fixing it
  5. 1993 MAZDA MIATA
    1993 MAZDA MIATA
    awesome mod but it makes my game freeze when i use nitrous confirmed by another forum user look it up to see
    1. MNP
      Author's Response
      I am working on a fix/update to address this and many other issues
  6. Santino Eli
    Santino Eli
    It'd be more realistic to have the sound of the Hummer H1 Alpha used from Forza Motorsport 4
  7. Tyrelie
    Absolutely in love with this mod!!
    Thank you for making it!!
  8. dodgedude460
    cool mod
    1. MNP
  9. beamdrive23
    its a great mod i love it, only problem i have is every truck i put this in doesnt seem to like trailers what so ever while the normal trucks have no problem. but everytime itll hook up nice but i noticed any car/truck i try to load onto the trailer they all just go though the trailer and truck itself but other than that i love it keep it up
    1. MNP
      Author's Response
      Just confirm that there are not any other mods causing this. I do not have this issue on my end.
  10. PowerstrokeHD
    can you possibly add the engines to the bus and/or semi?
    1. MNP
      Author's Response
      I can definitely look into it!
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