Beta Duramax Diesel Engine Addon for D-Series/H-Series/Roamer

Add the awesome realism of GM/Isuzu Diesel Engines to your in-game vehicles!

  1. MNP
    A complete rework of this mod is in the works, during this time, updates might be slow/minimal. Also, please direct any issues to my messages or Discord, not the reviews, 75% of the time it is something simple and I will be happy to help with any issues that arise. If you want to collaborate or ask me something feel free to message me on Discord; MNP:0499

    What's Added:
    • 6.6L Duramax Diesel Engine
    • Four Options for Turbochargers
      • Stock (Around 21psi)
      • Stage 1 (Around 25psi)
      • Stage 2 (Around 38psi)
      • Stage 3 (Variable, 10-90psi)
    • Five Transmissions
      • Allison A1000 (5 Speed Auto)
      • Allison 1000 (6 Speed Auto)
      • Allison 10L1000 (10 Speed Auto)
      • Allison 4-Speed Drag (Adjustable Gear Ratios) - Mainly for drag racing obviously.
      • ZF6 (6 Speed Manual)
    • "Duramax Radiator" because it can run hot
    • Custom Exhaust Sounds
      • Stock (Quiet, Mostly Engine)
      • Mid-Muffler Delete (Mild Volume, Turbo Whistle)
      • Straight-Pipe Exhaust
    • Five "Custom" Tunes
      • Stock Tune (300hp, 600ft.lbs)
      • Tow/Haul Tune (350hp, 750ft.lbs)
      • Smoke Tune (290hp, 640ft.lbs)
      • Performance Tune (400hp, 900ft.lbs)
      • Extreme Tune (600hp, 1300ft.lbs) - Forged Block Required
    • Two Engine Blocks
      • Stock Engine Block (Will Blow around 500hp)
      • Forged Engine Block

    Custom Configurations:


    Duramax Pre-Runner:
    Custom built for all your baja needs, this one is a short cab configuration, so just meant for strictly business.

    Duramax Extended Cab Pre-Runner:
    Custom built for all your baja needs, includes an extended cab for tons of room for equipment or people.

    Grandpa Special:
    Old man purchased, old man owned. One owner truck complete with ALL the chrome, completely stock, extremely low mileage.

    Sport Truck:
    Extensively modified, makes so much power, the rear tires basically cannot do anything. A handful to deal with but a ton of fun. Fancy paint job included!

    Work Truck:
    Straight from the auction block, this old water service truck was purchased new from the Department of Water and Power. It served for 16 years before it was auctioned off, and had a hidden bonus, a Duramax engine.

    Junk Truck:
    Saved from a nearby field, most of the body is rotting away, but this hides a 600HP engine and several suspension, braking, and steering upgrades.


    CopHD Duramax:
    Another one saved from the scrap yard, simply because it is cool. A build from a well-known truck customization shop, this cop car is fitted with a frame, suspension and engine from a D35. The engine is hopped up a bit for police use as well.

    RoadSport Duramax:
    Simply a RoadSport package optioned with the diesel engine. Nothing super fancy besides being one of the rarest Roamer combos on the planet. Only available in red.

    Adventure Duramax:
    When the facelift for the Roamer came out in 2002, some were unsure at first then this came out from a Beam Mod shop. This Roamer is heavily modified to be a beast off-road. Even being swapped with a 6-Speed Manual transmission.

    The models were removed in 0.1.5 due to texture issues, but don't worry they will come back.

Recent Reviews

  1. Tyrelie
    love this mod, amazing tune for towing, amazing sounds, keep the work up i absolutely love this mod 10/10 my favorite!
  2. Alex__oof 09
    Alex__oof 09
    This is not a review I know you said to leave problems in the discussion but I don't know how to do that. When I downloaded it I could not find it in my list of engines for some reason. Thanks for your help!
    1. MNP
      Author's Response
      Hmm, try disabling some other mods, sometimes they corrupt each other
  3. Tkniks_04
    NGL, this mod is sick as hell. But, there is one thing that would make it cooler and stupider. Put it in the Wendover.
    1. MNP
      Author's Response
      It’s in development shhh
  4. DirtNastySidewayZ
    great mod. can i make some configs and send them to your pm
    1. MNP
      Author's Response
  5. Giorgio89
    Excellent mod.
    Could you make available the Duramax also in Hopper?
    1. MNP
      Author's Response
      Great Idea! I'll see what I can do.
  6. MagicThreadz
    Version: 0.1.9
    Amazing mod but I wanna know when I download this I put the duramax in the d35 but no engine sound I only hear the turbo is it a bug?
    1. MNP
      Author's Response
      Try clearing your cache, the new sounds used some of the old names so the game might have to update. I'll verify on my side that is not an issue.
  7. Elijah Tetreault
    Elijah Tetreault
    Could you make the 7.1 stroker for the 6.6 Duramax available? Sounds like a perfect mix of cummins and Duramax and tons of power
    1. MNP
      Author's Response
      Good Idea, most likely won't be in the next update because i am redoing basically the whole thing. Will keep that in mind for the future!
  8. Andreica
    Absolutely excellent mod I love the sound of it! i was wondering if you can make a Jake Brake/ Exhaust Brake? otherwise great mod!
    1. MNP
      Author's Response
      I love the idea, I’ll see what I can do
  9. Eman 6945
    Eman 6945
    Version: 0.1.81
    I love this mod. the only thing I could think of to ask for is a way to edit how much smoke it makes (sometimes it's a little too much). But other than that it's a perfect mod and I have it in my default vehicle
    1. MNP
      Author's Response
      I have an addon tune in the works that might just do what you ask. :)
  10. James May's Cheese
    James May's Cheese
    Version: 0.1.81
    The start up sound is pretty quiet and i think it should be louder. Can you make it louder?
    1. MNP
      Author's Response
      Make sure you select the appropriate exhaust.
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