Beta Dutch License Plates 2

All Dutch Sidecodes in BeamNG

  1. Combinations Corrected

    The combination patterns have are completely redone to the right standards of the Dutch law, now including all sidecodes that have been or are being used to date.
    This means it's highly possible to generate existing combinations! Isn't that something?
  2. Added old plate design

    Finally this mod has been updated!

    This update brings a new plate to your game. It's the classic blue plate before the Netherlands started using the yellow plates.
  3. Dutch License plate tiny fix

    I've just updated a really little detail you might not even notice. I'll be releasing some new variants of the Dutch plate very soon.

    Although the change is small, I think it still deserves a tiny changelog:
    Changed character limit and stopped the A from appearing :)

    Have fun, and please report any bugs that appeared after installing the plate mod.
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