Alpha DXi covet custom and other starter race cars pack 1.0

Cheap as track cars roll cage not included.

  1. ktheminecraftfan
    Basically I decided to make some cheap starter cars for when the campaign mode comes out,so the player has a pretty good cheap modified racer giving them a pretty good head start.

    The pack so far includes:

    1 Covet DXi custom with racing suspension, SOHC engine with a stage 1 turbo, sports steering wheel and gold Basketweave wheels. For only $1800 price might change depending on how much money you start with in the campaign mode

    I am planning on making one for the 89' Pessima and the 200BX I am open for suggestions.

    Just drop the zip into mods.

    Just so you know this is a parts config pack nothing more nothing less.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Mr Pancake
    Mr Pancake
    Version: 1.0
    love it its the customizing i want without the customizing
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