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Alpha Dyghaun's Air Ride Pack 0.3.1

The most active suspension setup you can get!

  1. Dyghaun
    Uninstall previous version manually. It had version number on the zip, meaning it wont be overwritten by the update, causing serious issues. Sorry, my fault.

    AirRide Suspensions.

    If you ever wanted to adjust Ride Height on the go with just a few buttons, then this mod`s for you!

    Use 0(zero) and P to lift and lower the front axle
    9 and O(letter oh) to lift and lower the rear axle

    Currently available in the following Configurations:

    V8 Bastow Sounds great, looks even better.
    Supercharged Lead Sled To ensure a spark show
    Tuner 200BX Now it just needs underglow and a spoiler
    Luxury 800 series Have them staring, in a good way
    AWD K series With adjustable suspension gone haywire
    I series The pioneer in luxury now with a stronger compressor
    GroundMarshall Low on the ground, high in the air (may break)
    Lovet Perfect to take a first date, they'll sure love it
    From the hood Bruckell Make people envy your style
    Sleeper Pessima Give them a great surprise!
    Miramair The japanese take on Low-Riders
    Sports V8 Moonhawk So you can bounce and burnout at the same time
    Adjustable Wheelie From controlled launch to sky gazing, your choice...
    Daddy`s car A functional vehicle with some extras to remind him of his youth
    The Pigeot A little bird with some attitude
    Extra Grip SBR Because ground effect matters (not really)
    StanceNation Sunburst As low as it goes
    Low Italian To have everyone asking ''whyyy???''
    Mom`s Ride Great for groceries or picking up kids at school.
    Multi-purpose Vanster 4WD, Supercharger and adjustable suspension.
    CrewCab for short people Lower, get in, lift
    Hi-Hopper Enough ground clearance for you?
    T-Hydros X Showtruck with extreme hydraulics fitted where shocks used to be
    The Caravan Because the guys at AirRide garage were bored

    -Not all cars were meant to be lowriders;
    -Raised suspensions cause rollovers;
    -Some vehicles may not touch the ground as other parts may get in the way, try smaller rims;

    -Controls for the Air Suspension are displayed as special keys;
    -This mod may conflict with other mods that add special keys.

    Big thanks to @daniel398767 and his tutorial.
    Big thanks to @meywue helping out with the Lua.
    Big thanks to @CaptanW making a video showcase.
    Big thanks to @KKG Clan for the Thumbnails. Sadly 0.10 forced me to ReDo those
    Big thanks to @KJP12, @Flippi 284 and @WinnebagoMan for beta testing and being nice fellas.

    This mod wouldn't be possible if not for the great community BeamNG is:D

    Last but not least,
    I know it's useless to ask, but,
    No re-uploading anywhere else on the galaxy!

    Next up are the vehicles added by other modders and further improvements to controls.
    All vehicles in this (beta)release have been tested and work correctly.
    Very little to no conflicts with other mods.

    Enjoy ;)

Recent Updates

  1. Phase 1 completion.
  2. More vehicles!

Recent Reviews

  1. thatvolkswagenguy1306
    Version: 0.3.1
    by far my favourite mod ever, awesome job!!
  2. racecar2008
    Version: 0.3.1
    Yes. Slam that SBR4! The Miramair looks really good.
  3. ChevyDriver
    Version: 0.3.1
    Love it! But is there any chance we can have this in te Autobello?
  4. Zepherius
    Version: 0.3.1
    This mod is great but something that would make it even better is if you added hydraulic suspension for the Oldsmobile Fullsize mod
    1. Dyghaun
      Author's Response
      My plan is to have it for every mod, or at least the cool ones, like the Prasu, Fait One, Oldsmobile, Maluch... Some off-roaders, but i`m a bit outtatime so its going to take a while...
  5. gingerale4201
    Version: 0.3.1
    i have been using for about 2 weeks and im in love. i cant use them on the burnside anymore because i have lost all controls for the bags. help?
    1. Dyghaun
      Author's Response
      Sorry for the long time. Its probably another mod that conflicts with the added commands... Try running it in safe mode(only this mod enabled) and see if the problem persists. Whenever i add a new mod that adds new functions to my game i have to merge with this one to have everything working, it can get annoying.
  6. 1UZ-FE
    Version: 0.3.1
    Amazing mod. Only thing that kills me is how the position doesn't save upon reset. I know you can't do much about it as of now, but would be perfect once it's implemented!
    1. Dyghaun
      Author's Response
      it can be saved using the save option in the radial menu...
      i'll look into setting a better height upon spawn anyway :D
  7. Cutlass
    Version: 0.3.1
    it does not work, i know the controls.
    1. Dyghaun
      Author's Response
      please explain further in discussion tab
    Version: 0.3.1
    hydros and air does mix ha??
    1. Dyghaun
      Author's Response
      that's exactly the joke :D some parts are named hydropneumatic hehe
  9. SomebodySomeone
    Version: 0.3.1
    Very good mod i love, but for me the sunburst has no keys or anything to lower it, it might just be for me, i dont know
    1. Dyghaun
      Author's Response
      if the special keys don't show, it means it wont work...
      it may be that another mod adds special keys to the sunburst, preventing my bindings from working.
  10. Blijebal
    Version: 0.3.1
    I was very happy when i saw it. This is what i needed since i got beamng. being able to lift and drop vehicles. is it possible the make a liftkit for the d series so it is way high in the air,(this one goes not far enough :p). awesome and keep up the good work
    1. Dyghaun
      Author's Response
      I will take a look into it, add the hydros to the off-road suspension...
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