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Alpha Dyghaun's Air Ride Pack 0.3.1

The most active suspension setup you can get!

  1. More vehicles!

    One of the fastest updates you've ever seen:

    Air Rides is now available to ALL BeamNG official vehicles! ;)


    and Yes! even the Pigeon! :cool:

    Just don't expect them all to grind the asphalt:p

    For the next update:
    -Configs with thumbnails;
    -Go higher;
    -Get lower.

    If you like this mod don't forget to show some love to @Peter Derby (for Etks K & 800 and 90's pessima AirRides) and @daniel398767 (for His awesome tutorial on how to do this)
    These guys are awesome! :D

    -This mod does not have configs yet! You need to manually select the parts with ctrl+W for the car;
    -For leaf spring suspensions, instead of air-bags for coils, you'll use hydros for shocks.
    -See discussion for further info.
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