Outdated East Coast Dynamic Traffic (Gull) 0.9.3

Free roaming traffic! Yay, I did it!

  1. Gamergull
    This mod is not supported anymore! Watch this to learn how to use traffic:


    The next level of traffic in BeamNG! In this scenario, you can choose your car and drive to your house with traffic along the way. Traffic can appear almost anywhere on the map's roads. This scenario is a proof of concept, so the goal is pretty relaxed and you can drive around for a long time. I'll create something more epic with this in a future scenario.

    I added a few bonus features that should be easy to find. They can get kinda wacky. Have fun!

    Questions & Answers
    Q: Wow! Can you make this for West Coast USA?
    A: It's possible, and this can be functional for any map with AI roads! However, West Coast has a lot of decal roads with bad AI lane and direction attributes, so traffic would drive going the wrong way a lot. I had to fight with this in my Running Late Again scenario. Currently trying to make a UI app that creates traffic in free roam mode! Tricky...

    Q: What does dynamic traffic mean?
    A: The old way of spawning traffic was done with manually placed points on the map. It got really tedious with lots of roads. With dynamic traffic, the script automatically and logically picks road nodes to spawn the vehicles. There are no hardcoded spawn points! Cool.

    Q: Why does traffic not spawn much in some areas?
    A: There are two main reasons right now. First, the algorithm picks a spawn point by seeking the closest road to an invisible point about 200 metres in front of the player vehicle. If there are twisty or parallel roads, then traffic may end up spawning on other roads, sometimes out of sight. Also, the town doesn't have any decal roads, only AI waypoints. The script only looks for decal roads. I might fix this in the future.

    Now that an update was done, you can choose between having 3 or 7 AI vehicles. If that seems blah to you, wait until I release my traffic app! You'll be able to customize things beyond what this scenario does.

    By the way, you can honk your horn if you get totaled to bring up the old fail screen.

    Discussion: https://www.beamng.com/threads/east-coast-dynamic-traffic-gull.60847/

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  1. Version 0.9.3

Recent Reviews

  1. iamchris
    Version: 0.9.3
    more like this please!
  2. RMplays1
    Version: 0.9.3
    Super cool but can it be in free roam???
  3. car crasher2323
    car crasher2323
    Version: 0.9.3
    this needs to be in free roam
  4. Kristin Eichmann
    Kristin Eichmann
    Version: 0.9.3
    Excellent.It could be cool do the same but on Utah!
  5. Nathaniel Hudac
    Nathaniel Hudac
    Version: 0.9.3
    By far the greatest mod ever!!!
  6. Ujwal
    Version: 0.9.3
    Man this mod is Amazing! one thing which i'm not a fan of is the failing feature... You have to restart when you crash.. It would be more realistic if don't... EG pile ups.. Still an amazing map!
  7. aCharmlessMan
    Version: 0.9.3
    If I was only allowed one mod, this would be it. There's one or two little bugs to be ironed out but on the whole it works damn well. Hooning around East Coast like a lunatic is at least 10 times more entertaining now! Hopefully the devs are impressed because this one mod has done more for my playability/enjoyment of the "game" than the rest of the in-house scenarios put together.
  8. Goblin95
    Version: 0.9.3
    This is amazing and really well done! Hopefully there's a version for the American Roads mod too one day (imagine speeding and dodging cars on the highway like in GTA!)
  9. MrWohoo
    Version: 0.9.3
    This should be an option in the vanilla edition of the game. Great scenario!
  10. tsunamidrew
    Version: 0.9.3
    One of the most amazing scenarios i have ever played!
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